Jacqueline Harris

Hi, I’m Jacqueline Harris and I work with story. There are two major aspects to my work although in truth they are intimately related:

STORYWHEEL COURSES: The Stories We Tell Ourselves

In these courses I’ve developed and facilitate an experiential and creative process of working with stories, both our own, and folktales and myths from around the world, through which we become aware of the range of stories we tell ourselves, and how they affect everything we do, and don’t do.

This work has developed out of my thirty years of working with storytelling performance and creativity, and is also informed by The Three Principles ‘Inside Out’ understanding. I’ve spent my life exploring where reality and imagination meet, and the   Storywheel Courses are a culmination of this journey.



I also write, tell and dramatise stories, usually underpinned with folkloric or mythical themes. 

Performances and workshops have taken place in theatres, arts centres, stately homes, museums, galleries, schools, universities,  festivals, parks, community centres, hotels and bookshops. 

In the last few years, I’ve been working with audio, film and projection. Alone and with partners in crime, I’ve been heading out into local communities to hear and record stories. With the teller’s permission, these may then find themselves interwoven with other tales, on film or as live performance (sometimes both together), exploring particular themes. Recent collaborations have been: “In Skriker’s Footsteps” with wonderfully talented artists: sculptor, Marjan Wouda,  film maker Graham Kay, and theatre projectionist and animator Adam York Gregory, and “Where We Land”, with Musician/Composer Lee Affen and film maker Graham Kay. Whatever else these pieces may be about, they always explore the meeting places of story, people and place.

Blackwaterfoot Lodge Telling Arran Tales

The eminent fairy-tale scholar, Jack Zipes, speaks eloquently about the importance of story in our lives:

    “We shall continue to use story in all walks of life, and the more conscious we become of how we use story and why we do this to narrate our lives, the more we shall be able to cultivate honest speech in impossible times.”

(In the Forward to “Storytelling and Theatre: Contemporary Professional Storytellers and their Art” Michael Wilson)

Here are some links to  recent work:


“In Skriker’s Footsteps”

“In Skriker’s Footsteps” is a multi-media storytelling show that has its heart in Lancashire and the supernatural tales that criss cross its landscape. It has been performed in  various venues across the county.

Click Here for a video clip and more information.

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“Gathered Tales of Lancashire” :  Supernatural stories from Lancashire Past and Present


This short film was made for the touring art exhibition “The King of the Cats”. It’s a collection of contemporary ghost stories, as told to me in pubs, cafes and front rooms across the county, mixed with old tales from Lancashire that resonate with those that I heard.

You can watch it Here.

“Where We Stay”

This is a performance piece that brings together Arran folklore with stories from my time on the island, exploring the crossing points between stories, landscape and our imaginations. It was performed at Litfest, Lancaster in 2015. Here’s a clip of a digression on stars: