Storywheel Courses

The Storywheel: Unlocking Your Creativity

Saturday 29th June 2019

The Galleria, Pizza Margherita, Lancaster.


Full day workshop

Do you want to write, paint, make, create, yet find yourself waiting for the muse or the right conditions before you can start? Or maybe you start but become discouraged quickly or even get knocked over completely when your inner critic  kicks in? Or are you a professional creative who feels blocked or worries about becoming blocked?

Would you like to be able to access your creativity consistently rather than feeling anxious and spending days NOT doing the work?

This experiential workshop will use stories and folktales as a starting point for exploring the creative process and your own creative practice.

My long experience as a professional writer/performer has taught me many lessons about the nature of our creativity and  the crushing effects that the stories we inadvertently tell ourselves about our own creativity or perceived lack of it can have on our work and practice.

This course offers the opportunity to see these stories for the static that they are, and then to find a deeper space from where you can work with your creativity in a way that keeps you creating, productive and happy.

Cost: £45.00 per day