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A Storywheel Workshop:

Money, Myth and Magic: Reinventing your relationship with money so that you can get on with your life

Full day workshop – Lancaster

Monday 30th July



Do you wish dealing with money in your life was easier? When I asked one of my friends what she would think about a course called “Money, Myth and Magic”, she looked really puzzled and said, “But…Money doesn’t really go with myth and magic does it?” To which I grinned and said “I know…it sounds crazy…but really, it so does!”

Building a financially sustainable life is challenging at the best of times, but I’ve discovered that if you also unconsciously harbour negative stories around money itself, it can be nigh on impossible. 

This is a full day workshop on the stories we tell ourselves about money, both consciously and unconsciously, how ‘money’ appears in folktales, and the magic that comes from playing with and examining these stories through storytelling.

For years I wondered why, despite a grasp on many other areas of life, I struggled with a relationship with money which, it turns out, I at best treated with great suspicion, while at the same time I was trying to earn a living. Can you feel the dissonance already?!

Getting some clarity about what was really be going on and how to turn it around has been surprising and enlightening. It turns out there is a map of sorts. Who knew?! 

In the workshop we’ll uncover and challenge the stories we tell ourselves, using folktales to bounce off and imagine different stories.

Come along and together we’ll:

  • Unearth the stories we tell ourselves both consciously and unconsciously about money and look at them clearly, maybe for the first time.
  • Examine and challenge these stories.
  • Re-imagine our stories and try on some new ones that still reflect our values.

Date: Monday 30th July 2018

Time: 10am – 4pm

Venue: The Women and Enterprise Hub, 6-0-2 Alston House, White Cross, Quarry Rd, Lancaster LA1 4XQ (There is free parking at White Cross on the day)

Cost: £45.00


Or email me at: for more details or any questions 




Sunday 11 March, 10:00 – 16:00  Halton Mill, Halton, Lancaster

A Storywheel Workshop:

The Goddesses are Alive and Kicking: Goddess Tales and You

Do Goddess stories have anything to share with us in the 21st century? Find out for yourself in a fun and experiential day of storytelling and story making with Jacqueline Harris. Goddesses come in all shapes and sizes just like we do. We will dust them off, see what they have to say to us, and us to them, and maybe find inspiration for some of the stories we tell ourselves.

Tea, coffee and snacks will be available. Please bring your own packed lunch.

£50. (enquire for concessions) Call 07796 227507 or email for more info or to book



Sunday 4th February 10am – 4pm

Halton Mill

Creativity Workshop: How Coyote Made the Milky Way

Do you want to be able to access your creativity consistently rather than feeling blocked or anxious? Come and explore your creativity and consider ways of bringing it out to play with Jacqueline Harris. This one day experiential workshop will use stories as a starting point for exploring how creativity ‘works’ and how you can apply this knowledge to your own creative practice.

Fee: £50

To book or for more info please email me at or phone me on 07796227507