Storywheel Open Sessions:

Storywheel Open Sessions:

This month: Our Creative Selves

Thursday 25th February 7.30 – 9pm

This session is free.


Changes are afoot. Whether you already have, or want to have, some kind of creative practice, or whether you feel a creative approach to life right now might just be the best way forward, this month we’ll look at the nature of creativity and the stories we tell about it, taking the magic in folktales as a bouncing off point.

As well as my work on how and why we tell stories, I’m bringing to this session over twenty years experience of adult training around creativity in both the education and heritage sectors, as well as my experience as a writer, storyteller and theatre maker.

The format of this session will be 45 mins talk/storytelling followed by 45 mins shared discussion and Q and A

Looking forward to seeing you 🙂

Join Zoom Meeting here at 7.30pm on Thursday 25th February:

Meeting ID: 832 0571 2940

Passcode: 313705


Through folktale and myth these sessions look at how the way we experience life comes from the stories we’re telling ourselves, moment to moment, and how beneath these stories is a knowing that we are life itself.

Jacqueline Harris is a writer, storyteller, and teacher, and has conducted post graduate research into the creative process and how and why we tell stories. She brings an Inside Out understanding to her work, which points us right back to the life and spirit at our core.