Storytelling for Schools

Performances and Workshops for Primary and Secondary Schools

I offer Storytelling Performances, Workshops and CPD sessions to all schools from Primary to Secondary and all age ranges from 4yrs – 18yrs.

Storytelling is a fantastic way to engage and motivate pupils whilst extending their vocabulary, stimulating their imaginations and their sense of empathy. It’s a brilliant launching pad for all kinds of literacy work. The workshops I offer use drama and storytelling skills to bring the stories to life and create new ones with the pupils, as well as laying down foundations for writing.

“Jackie is an extremely artful and practiced storyteller – a delight to watch. She told stories to each of the primary school classes in our local school, as well as a mixed age group and for the teens at the local learning centre.  In each case, she chose audience appropriate stories- flexibly and seamlessly adapting her approach when necessary. She is simply remarkable and I cannot recommend her highly enough.” – Renita Boyle, Author and Storyteller

“Do you know what you did to me? I used to think that Fairy Stories were baby stories, now I think they’re brilliant!” – Chloe, pupil, Lancaster

“A rare gift for inspiring children with stories they love. Her enthusiasm is infectious.” Simon Hayhow, Fleetwood Museum



The easiest way to bring me into your school is to book me for a day of combined performances and workshops. I’ve performed in schools for audiences of 30 – 600 so there is a great degree of flexibility! The most popular format for a Primary School day package is the following:




30 min Performance for Nursery and/or reception

1 hr Performance for all the Infants

1 hr Performance for all the Juniors


2 x 1½ hr workshops, each for a single class  (max number 35 in each) The workshop  ideally requires a Hall space but can be accommodated in classrooms or other spaces if furniture is cleared.

I’m very happy to discuss other formats for the day (prior to booking) so that it is bespoke for your school. The price remains the same.

Cost: £300 plus travel.

A twilight CPD session (1½ hrs) on the same day can be added for an extra   £150 and includes a storytelling teachers’ pack.

I am also available for residencies and longer projects. If this is of interest please get in touch.


 “We met up with Susan and Michelle from Ackworth Howard school last week and both were absolutely raving about the work you did and the difference it made. I can honestly say you’ve had some of the best feedback we’ve ever had!” Debra Kidd, Integrate Arts, Wakefield


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Booking a day is the same as for Primary Schools. The combination of performances / workshops and the cost are the same, but due to timetabling issues in secondary schools, the booking will always include a bespoke running order for the day that works for you.