The first in a new series of books that highlights folktales indigenous to the British Isles and the landscapes in which they are rooted. 

One to One Sessions:

Interactive Storytelling for Transformation

In one to one sessions, we will work directly with your own creative projects or practice to .

  • worried you don’t have what it takes?
  • think that your creativity might desert you when you need it?
  • think you’re too old to start?
  • think you’re too old to start?
  • Feeling as though you’ll never have the confidence?
  • worried about what people will think of you and your work?
  • worried you’re not talented enough
  • scared you’re not good enough?
  • scared you won’t be able to deliver to deadlines?
  • Understand what your creativity is and how it works.
  • Discover why worrying about what people will think no longer makes any sense, at a level where it changes how you show up.
  • Find your natural confidence.
  • See how the stories we tell about creativity affect how and if it shows up.
  • Take creative risks without the fear of failure paralysing you.
  • Find the courage to share yourself and your creative work with the world

You will get curious. The answers don’t always come from something you ‘learn’, but from your experience of checking it out for yourself, and beginning to notice, from this completely new perspective, how story and life dance together.

My work is informed by twenty five years of working experientially with story and creativity, post graduate research into the role that. story plays in our lives, and a simple understanding that can completely change how we navigate the world. Imagine having a new sense of clarity, more peace of mind, the ability to come back to centre far more quickly when things get hairy. The pennies start dropping, and they don’t stop.

We’ll work creatively with stories. This isn’t about learning something new and taking it on trust; it’s about starting to notice, often for the first time, what ‘creating our own reality’ actually means.

In 2017 I came across a psychological/spiritual understanding articulated by Syd Banks, bringing to our attention how we experience the world every day through the lens of the stories we tell about it, rather than directly, and how life changes when we begin to notice this at play in our own lives moment to moment.

I realised that this was an understanding that I was beginning to see mirrored in my academic research (see below), and it was beginning to affect how I lived my own life, bringing more peace of mind and clarity than I could ever have imagined.

Who am I?

As a Creative:

I bring to this course over twenty five years experience as a freelance writer, storyteller and theatre maker/performer, collaborating with fine artists, film makers and musicians to create live multi-media storytelling shows and exhibitions.

Currently I’m writing a series of books exploring story and landscape, in collaboration with the sculptor, Marjan Wouda, the first of which is launching in October 2021.

I’ve created and delivered interactive drama and cross-arts projects into over 300 theatres, galleries, stately homes, communities, schools, universities, caves, forests and stairwells, amongst others.

I’ve written a collection of reworked and retold folktales for children, “Let the Giants Live”, and a young children’s story book “Stan’s Accidental Adventure” to commission, and a collection of Lancashire folktales: “The King of the Cats”.

As a Creativity/Creative Learning Specialist:

For twenty of these years I also worked across the cultural and education sectors as a creative learning consultant: delivering, training, delivering and facilitating creative approaches to motivation and engagement in galleries, museums, schools and universities.

This followed thirteen years of teaching drama in secondary education before turning freelance in 2000.

Academic research:

In 2019 I finished a Research Masters at The University of Edinburgh, exploring how and why we tell stories, and how this relates to creativity.


Exploring the nature of creativity has been my working life for almost forty years, both through my own creative practice and through working with others to help them recognise their own potential.

Jacqueline Harris is a writer and storyteller. She has conducted post graduate research into how and why we tell stories and runs courses and workshops that bring story and life together in a way that points us right back to the life and spirit at our core.Previous postgraduate research has included looking into the relationship between creativity, arts and practice.

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