The first in a new series of books that highlights folktales indigenous to the British Isles and the landscapes in which they are rooted. 

“The White Dobbie: Story and Landscape”

"'The White Dobbie' is a really memorable achievement: not only the words and images, but your clever and satisfying construction of the components, alternating between narrative and reflection; these and the lovely, clean, open design of the book, combining darkness and light.” - Kevin Crossley-Holland

“The White Dobbie” is the first in a new series: "Storylore” of and about folktales indigenous to the British Isles.

A mysterious otherworldly figure and his creature companion once haunted the coastal roads of Cumbria whenever dark winter storms blew in over the sea. The wild landscape out on the furthest reaches of Morecambe Bay and the stories that were told there are captured here through art, story, folklore and reflections.

“As for Jacqueline’s own retellings: delight in their kick and terseness, their lyrical moments, their sense of mystery, their kindness.”

Kevin Crossley-Holland

“Here is someone whose work is indeed true sculpture. Marjan gives an almost surreal twist to her work that immediately makes it thought-provoking.”

Sir Kyffin Williams RA

Jacqueline Harris: writer          Marjan Wouda: artist       Launch: 11th November 2021