Insider Knowledge: The Wise One

Insider Knowledge: The Wise One

A four week programme with Jacqueline Harris for female creatives, freelancers, and entrepreneurs (4 x 2hr sessions)

The November course is underway. The next one will be running in January 2021. I’ll be posting dates here shortly.

Or if you want to email me at to express interest, I’ll let you know as soon as it comes available 🙂

Do you want to make a success of getting your work out into the world but know that you keep ‘getting in your own way’?

Taking ourselves out into the world and standing up for our work is a brave thing to do, not because the world is a big and scary place, but because of what thinking this can do to us.

We might be scared of making bad decisions, going down the wrong path, looking stupid, or even that we might become successful but are scared that we might have to ‘pay’ for it with exhaustion and illness, or even worse the loss of those we love along the way. The stakes can seem so high, but what if it doesn’t have to be like this?

What if, inside you, there is an inner knowing, your ‘inner wisdom’? And what if you could rely on her, not just in personal matters, but also in your work or your business?

The notion of “Inner Wisdom” can feel out of touch with reality. In the face of ‘real life’, ‘impossible situations’ and ‘impossible people’ the suggestion that it exists at all can sometimes seem gullible at best and insulting at worst.

However, how often in life have you looked outside yourself for the answers and made plans for what you ‘should’ do, only to find yourself resisting them even as you’re making them: scared you’ll never actually ‘do’ them, or knowing that you will do them, and in that knowing felt your heart sink?

How often have you screamed to yourself, “Don’t be so stupid, just do it?” and it immediately had the opposite effect?

It took me years to realise that I’d literally been giving the wrong part of me the job of sorting my life out. Most of us do. Quite often, this part sounded angry, suggesting I wasn’t doing this life thing properly, but it was simply frustrated. It turned out that part of me was never kitted out for the job I was asking it to do.

Everyday we create our personal realities with the stories we bring to each moment. When we see these stories for what they really are: our constantly shifting thoughts, we begin to sense a deeper part of ourselves beneath our thinking. As we stop taking our thinking quite so seriously, there are glimpses: moments of peace, a sense of coming back to centre. And here is where she always is: the one with insider knowledge. She never went anywhere. She’s who you are when your stories drop away. She’s who you’ve always been, and you’ve already listened to her so often, maybe without realising it.

This course is about becoming aware of her. There’s no long journey to go on, no practice to be done to ‘reach’ her, nothing to ‘believe’ in. There can’t be: she’s you and she’s always been here, not somewhere in the future. The process is one of turning within, looking in a different direction, and noticing.

“Vasalisa” and “East of the Sun and West of the Moon” are two folktales that we’ll use to help us explore the concept of inner knowing, or inner wisdom.

This course will be full of stories, both our own, and folktales.

Ready for a new perspective?

What participants of other Storywheel Courses have said:

“I would like to thank you once again for the wonderful experience and for being such a warm and helpful guiding light to us all. I enjoyed your friendly open approach, the openness of all participants, and the wonderful feeling of the penny dropping. I have started to enjoy a calmer mind, and to be more present in the now.”

Cristina Ticoi

“I got the feeling that there is so much more to life than the hustle, bustle and stress that everyday life brings. The thought of going behind emotions and what that has started in me in the sense of just being – its fabulous. Just love the stuff you do, I’m allowing myself to dream again. I’ve really benefited from doing the course and will definitely join the next one.”

–  Paula Eales

“I really enjoyed hearing your stories, your wonderful way of describing a different way of thinking, learning a new way of seeing the world and life and how it links to where I am currently. I’ve taken away a greater freedom to think differently and not take thoughts so seriously and to start looking for alternate and more positive thoughts. Thank you for helping me to see things differently, long may the journey continue!”


Cost: £ 75