Storywheel Open Sessions

Storywheel Open Sessions

7.30pm – 8.30pm Thursday 29th July 2021:

Changing Your Story:

What the Magic in Folktales has to do with the Magic in You

This month’s session is all about the process of changing your story, and what this has to do with the magic in folktales.

The magic in folktales has always fascinated me. People often cite it as the reason they think of such stories as pure escapism, but what if this is missing the point? What happens if we question and poke this magic a little? Does it have anything to tell us? Is there anything that can help us to look at how we can change with a little more clarity?

Waving a magic wand in folktales disrupts the prevailing story and creates a new one. Whatever was, is no longer. For most of us, a quick flick of a wand doesn’t seem to do the trick 😉 So what does this magic have to do with ‘real life’: the stories we tell ourselves, and change? Is there a connection? Come along and find out. We’re going to talk to Cinderella and a few others and decide for ourselves! 

It will be an evening of story and magic, both in folktales and life!

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Looking forward to seeing you there 🙂

Through folktale and myth these sessions look at how the way we experience life comes from the stories we’re telling ourselves, moment to moment, and how beneath these stories is a knowing that we are life itself.

Jacqueline Harris is a writer and storyteller. She has conducted post graduate research into how and why we tell stories and runs courses and workshops that bring story and life together in a way that points us right back to the life and spirit at our core.