Storywheel Open Sessions

Storywheel Open Sessions

Tuesday 24th August

Stories for Difficult Times:

What to do when positive thinking doesn’t cut it and what it means to hold space for ourselves

We all experience difficult times.

There’s no denying I’ve been going through a difficult time lately. In the last few months, unsurprisingly, I haven’t felt as though I’ve had that much to offer, but at the same time I’ve been noticing some interesting things. 

I’ve noticed that the stories we tell ourselves become more transparent at such times as former ideas and beliefs about our world crumble. 

I’ve noticed that seeing how our feelings arise from within us and not from without, helps us to hold space for ourselves. And no, it doesn’t always look pretty, but it turns out it’s really ok not to be ok sometimes when we see this.

 Also, I see that I don’t need to believe the overarching stories that come to mind at such times, in my case telling me that I’ll never feel any different again. I hear them. They hang around sometimes, but I know that any stories I’m telling about what the future holds are just that: stories. 

They are only conveying, can only convey, how it looks to me right now, in this moment, not how it will look at any moment in the future. That is not for me to know right now, and, more importantly, what we’re dealing with in any moment is more than enough. 

This session is a chance to explore how understanding the nature of the stories we tell ourselves can help us in navigating such times.


Through folktale and myth these sessions look at how the way we experience life comes from the stories we’re telling ourselves, moment to moment, and how beneath these stories is a knowing that we are life itself.

Jacqueline Harris is a writer and storyteller. She has conducted post graduate research into how and why we tell stories and runs courses and workshops that bring story and life together in a way that points us right back to the life and spirit at our core.