Interactive Storytelling for Transformation

The Stories We Tell About Creativity

A 6-week live group online programme with Jacqueline Harris

For freelancers/entrepreneurs who want to turn their creative passion into their work

Maybe you’re:

  • scared you’re not good enough?
  • worried you don’t have what it takes?
  • think you’re too old to start?
  • worried you won’t be able to make enough money?
  • scared you won’t be able to deliver to deadlines?
  • worried about what people will think of you and your work?
  • worried you’re not talented enough
  • think that your creativity might desert you when you need it?

In this course you’ll transform your understanding of your creativity, so that you can turn freelance with far more confidence and excitement, and far less less fear and anxiety than you might imagine.

This course will help you:

  • To understand what creativity is and how it works
  • See how the stories we tell about creativity affect how and if it shows up
  • Drop your unhelpful stories
  • Come to rely on your creativity
  • Take creative risks without the fear of failure paralysing you.
  • Find the courage to share your creative work with the world.
  • Develop a consistent creative practice.
  • Develop creative problem solving skills for your business and your life.


We will use folktales to begin our explorations. Stories are good to think with.

Week 1: Introductions and What is Creativity?: Holding our stories about creativity up to the light to see what sticks and what crumbles. Story: “The Story of the Story”

Week 2: Experiencing Creativity: Playing hide and seek with our creativity and getting curious. Story: “The Archer

Week 3: Control and Surrender: What we can control and what opens up when we let go of the rest. The myth of waiting for inspiration and what happens when we flip tactics. Story: “Coyote and the Milky Way”.

Week 4: Finding the Courage to Put Yourself / Your Work Out There: How to make fear of failure look like a pussycat, how to deal with deadlines and what happens next. Story: “The Sun Goddess”

Week 5: Creative problem solving: Discovering how to prise loose the edges of our stuck thinking, and find fresh creative thinking underneath. Story: “Anancy and the Flip-flap Bird”

Week 6: Reflections, discussion and Q & A: A chance to reflect on what we’ve seen and experienced, and give everyone a chance to explore issues for going forward. Story: “You Don’t Know”.

All of the sessions will be recorded and made available to attendees to download and keep.

Who am I to teach this?

As a Creative Practitioner:

I bring to this course over twenty five years experience as a freelance professional creative as a writer, storyteller and theatre maker/performer; most recently collaborating with fine artists, film makers and musicians to create live multi-media storytelling shows. In 2015 I also began a Research Masters at Edinburgh to look into how and why human beings tell stories and how this related to my theatre/storytelling practice. I wanted to understand how real life and stories ‘talked’ to each other, but in the end it turned out that the lines I thought separated them were far more blurred than I had ever imagined.

As a Creativity/Creative Learning Specialist

During this time I also worked across the cultural and education sectors as a creative learning consultant: delivering, training and facilitating creative approaches to a wide range of projects. I also undertook postgraduate research into the relationship between creativity, arts and practice.

How Storywheel Courses Became

In 2015 I started teaching courses that explored ‘the stories we tell ourselves’.

In 2016 I began a Research Masters at Edinburgh looking into how and why we tell stories, and how this related to my creative practice. At the start I wanted to understand how stories ‘talk’ to real life. By the end I saw that current research was showing that the distinction I made between the two was far more blurred than I had ever guessed.

In 2017 I came across a psychological/spiritual understanding that took a new approach to how we experience the world through the lens of the stories we tell about it, rather than directly.

I had already begun to see this in action through my research, but this was when I realised that I was missing the most important part of the process in my courses. It wasn’t simply a case of replacing old stories with new ones. It was more fundamental. It was a case of “Whoa! Whoa! Don’t hurry into trying to create a new story. Come back to what you’ve just realised: Come back and spend some time there: Your mind is making up stories; and stories, although they absolutely masquerade as reality, are not reality”. Can you feel a frisson of “Yes I know this…”? The questions then become: What lies beneath our stories? And, what kind of relationship can we now have with our stories going forward? You get curious. The answers don’t come from something you ‘learn’, but from the experience of checking it out for yourself, and beginning to notice, from a completely new perspective, how story and life entwine in your own life and the lives of those around you.

Storywheel courses are an opportunity to experience a brand new perspective that allows us to move forward from a place where stress and anxiety, seeing for ourselves that our stories

There are only 15 places available on this course to preserve its personal and interactive nature.

Cost: £199