Interactive Storytelling for Transformation

How to Change Your Story: Overcoming Your Fear of Being Seen.

A 6 week online live programme with

Jacqueline Harris beginning Wednesday 8th September 2021 7.30pm – 9pm

For creatives/freelancers who know what they want to do, but still haven’t done it. It’s time.

Your life changes when your story changes. Yes, you’ve probably heard this before, and maybe recognise the truth of it, but still have no real idea how to do it. You’ve tried to change your ‘mindset’, you’ve tried affirmations, and life still looks the same.

What if there’s something you’ve been missing? Something that can only be seen by looking in the opposite direction, and noticing something really simple about how the human mind works with story, that could change everything for you?

My work is informed both by twenty five years of working experientially with story, and a simple but deep understanding that can completely change how we navigate the world, and has completely changed my life in the last five years. This understanding was first articulated by Syd Banks and is often known as The Three Principles. It has touched and transformed many, and the results are always the same: a new sense of clarity, more peace of mind, the ability to come back to centre far more quickly when things get hairy. The pennies start dropping, and they don’t stop.

We’ll work creatively with stories and this understanding. This isn’t about learning something new and taking it on trust; it’s about starting to notice, often for the first time, what ‘creating our own reality’ actually means.

Maybe you’re:

  • scared you’re not good enough?
  • worried you don’t have what it takes?
  • think you’re too old to start?
  • scared you won’t be able to deliver to deadlines?
  • worried about what people will think of you and/or your work?
  • worried you’re not talented enough
  • think that your creativity might desert you when you need it?

Over the six weeks, we’ll challenge where your stories come from, and with this new understanding, revisit your stories about what is possible for you.

You’ll be able to put yourself and your work out into the world with more confidence and excitement, and less fear and anxiety.

You’ll begin to:

  • Understand what your creativity really is and how it works
  • See how the stories we tell about creativity affect how and if it shows up
  • Discover why worrying about what people will think no longer makes any sense, at the level where it changes things
  • Rely on your creativity
  • Take creative risks without the fear of failure paralysing you
  • Find the courage to share yourself and your creative work with the world

What we’ll be doing:

We’ll be engaging with folktales to kickstart our explorations. It turns out that humans are wired for stories, and so they are also good to ‘think’ with.

Week 1: Introductions: Time to get to know each other. Introducing a whole new perspective on the stories we tell ourselves about creativity and where they come from, a perspective that can give us a sense of clarity that we’ve never noticed before.

Week 2: What is creativity?: Holding our stories about creativity up to the light to see what sticks and what crumbles. Story: “A Story About Story”

Week 3: Experiencing creativity: Playing hide and seek with our creativity and getting curious. Story: “The Archer

Week 4: Control and surrender; what surrender actually looks like. What we can control and what opens up when we let go of the rest. The myth of waiting for inspiration and what happens when we flip tactics. Story: “Coyote and the Milky Way”.

Week 5: Putting yourself / your work out there: How to make fear of failure look like a pussycat, how to deal with deadlines and what happens next. Story: “The Sun Goddess”

Week 6: What the Magic in Folktales has to do with the magic in You: Talking to Cinderella and a few others. Reflections, discussion and Q & A: A chance to reflect on what we’ve seen and experienced, and give everyone a chance to explore issues for going forward. Story: “You Don’t Know”.

All of the sessions will be recorded and made available to attendees to download and keep.

How Storywheel Courses Became

In 2015 I started teaching courses that explored ‘the stories we tell ourselves’.

In 2017 I came across a psychological/spiritual understanding articulated by Syd Banks, bringing to our attention how we experience the world every day through the lens of the stories we tell about it, rather than directly, and how life changes when we begin to notice this at play in our own lives.

I realised that this was an understanding that I was beginning to see mirrored in my academic research (see below), and it was beginning to affect how I lived my own life, bringing more peace of mind and clarity to my life than I could ever have imagined.

It isn’t simply a case of replacing old stories with new ones. It’s much more fundamental. It’s a case of: Whoa! Whoa! Don’t hurry into trying to create a new story once you’ve seen that the old one is a rather shabby… Come back to what you’ve just seen happening: Your mind is making up stories! And stories, although they absolutely masquerade as reality, are not reality.

You get curious. The answers don’t come from something you ‘learn’, but from your experience of checking it out for yourself, and beginning to notice, from this completely new perspective, how story and life entwine in your own life.

This is what’s on offer in this course: A whole new way of relating to your own creativity, and by extension your life in general.

Who else am I to teach this?

As a Creative Practitioner:

I bring to this course over twenty five years experience as a freelance professional creative, as a writer, storyteller and theatre maker/performer, taking my work into well over 500 schools, colleges, universities, theatres, stately homes, communities, caves, forests and stairwells, amongst others! Most recently I’ve been collaborating with fine artists, film makers and musicians to create live multi-media storytelling shows, and currently a series of new books with Dutch sculptor Marjan Wouda.

As a Creativity/Creative Learning Specialist

For twenty of these years I also worked across the cultural and education sectors as a creative learning consultant: delivering, training and facilitating creative approaches to a wide range of cross-arts projects. This followed thirteen years of teaching drama before turning freelance in 2000.

As an Academic

In 2019 I finished a Research Masters at Edinburgh, looking into how and why we tell stories, and how this related to creative practice. I wanted to understand how stories ‘talk’ to real life. Current research in anthropology and neuro-science shows that the distinction between the two is far more blurry than we may imagine.

I’ve also undertaken postgraduate research into the relationship between creativity, arts and practice.

There are only 15 places available on this course to preserve its personal and interactive nature.

Cost: £199