Who Do You Think You Are: To Call Yourself Creative

Who Do You Think You Are: To Call Yourself Creative

A 6-week live small group online programme with Jacqueline Harris for creatives, freelancers and entrepreneurs.

Beginning Wednesday March 17th 2021

7.30 – 9pm

  • Maybe you want your creative practice to be more consistent?
  • Maybe you want your creative work out in the world, but hold back for fear of failure?
  • Maybe you simply feel that a creative approach to life right now could be the most productive way forward in this changing world.

We tell ourselves so many stories about our creativity:

“I can only be creative when and if inspiration strikes.”

” Who am I to call myself a writer / artist / (insert any other ‘creative’ job title).”

“I’m not as creative as…”

“Only artistic types are creative”

“I don’t have a creative bone in my body”

In this course we’ll take a clear look at the nature of our creativity, the stories we tell about it, and how we can work with it rather than against it.

We’re taught that creativity is elusive and that it’s not something we can learn.

I agree, it isn’t. But we don’t have to. We all have creativity within us, however it may seem to you at this moment. What we can learn is how the process appears to ‘works’ best and how to successfully engage with it.You don’t have to take my word for it. This course will explore what it means to be creative, not only theoretically but experientially. You’ll be able to see it for yourself 🙂

This course will help you:

  • Develop a consistent creative practice
  • Com to rely on your creativity being available to you in a way you may never have done before
  • Develop creative problem solving skills in your business or your life
  • Take creative risks without the fear of failure stopping you from starting, or finishing
  • Find the courage to share your creative work with the world


Week 1: Introductions and What is creativity?: Holding our stories about creativity up to the light to see what sticks and what crumbles. Story: “The Story is Enough”

Week 2: Experiencing creativity: Playing hide and seek with our creativity and getting curious. Story: “The Archer

Week 3: Control and surrender: What we can control and what opens up when we let go of the rest. The myth of waiting for inspiration, what happens when we flip tactics and why. Story: “Coyote and the Milky Way”.

Week 4: Finding the courage to put yourself / your work out there: How to make fear of failure look like a pussycat and what happens next. Story: “The Sun Goddess”

Week 5: Creative problem solving: Discovering how to prise loose the edges of our stuck thinking, and find fresh creative thinking underneath. Story: “Anancy and the Flip-flap Bird”

Week 6: Reflections, discussion and Q & A: A chance to reflect on what we’ve seen and experienced, and give everyone a chance to explore issues for going forward. Story: “You Don’t Know”

All of the sessions will be recorded and made available to attendees to download and keep.

I use folktales to begin our explorations. It turns out stories are good to think with too!

I’m bringing to this course over twenty years experience in delivering training around creativity and creative learning to staff and individuals across the education and heritage sectors. I’m also drawing on twenty-five years as a professional writer, storyteller and theatre maker, creating and delivering a wide range of creative projects, along with an MRes in ethnological research into how and why we tell stories.

There are only 12 places available on this course to preserve the personal and interactive nature of these courses.

Cost: £90

Earlybird price if booked before the end of Wednesday 3rd March: £70