Jacqueline Harris

Jacqueline Harris MScR

Thanks for coming by. I'm a writer, theatre maker and storyteller, making work that explores  how and why we tell stories, whether as myth, folktale, original or real-life stories, and I often collaborate with other artists to experiment with new ways of telling them. 

Right now I have a new book out, the first in a new series called "Storylore", created in collaboration with the Dutch sculptor/artist, Marjan Wouda, called "The White Dobbie: Story and Landscape". It revisits an ancient Cumbrian folktale and the people and place that define it. 

Collaborations with visual artists, musicians, composers, film makers and animators have led to multi-media performance work, films, books and exhibitions. The latest of these have explored folktales and real life stories from Lancashire and the Isle of Arran.

Storywheel Workshops and Courses are experiential and are all about observing how and why we use stories to navigate our lives, and becoming aware of the imaginative possibilities and new thinking that open up for us when we see how we do this.

In the One to One Sessions I work with artists, writers and other creatives who want to overcome Imposter Syndrome so that they can build a productive creative practice and  put their work out into the world with less fear and anxiety and more confidence and excitement. 

Performance and Writing Projects

New Book:
The White Dobbie: 
Story and Landscape
Storywheel Workshops and Courses 

One to One Sessions: 
Dealing with Imposter Syndrome for artists, writers and other creatives

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