Jacqueline Harris MScR

Thanks for coming by. Everything here explores the role that story plays in creating our lives, through my writing, performance and teaching.  The idea is always to capture the spaces where the personal and the folkloric overlap and speak to each other.



I often work with musicians, film makers, visual artists, sound engineers and composers. Previous collaborations include:

 The film, “Gathered Tales of Lancashire” with Graham Kay of Fully Formed Films for the exhibition “The King of the Cats” .  

“In Skriker’s Footsteps”: a show built around Lancashire stories, people and landscape, with Dutch sculptor, Marjan Wouda, and theatre projectionist and animator Adam York Gregory.

 “Where We Land”:  a multi-media show bringing to life an experience of living on the Isle of Arran for three years and the stories found there. It weaves together a cloth of landscape, people and the imagination of place using storytelling, original music and film with musician/composer Lee Affen and film maker Graham Kay.

Whatever else these pieces may be about, they always explore the meeting places of story, people and place.

Storywheel Courses


Storywheel Courses are all about coming back to ourselves in the most human way possible, by sharing stories of all kinds and observing how and why we use stories to navigate our lives, and the possibilities and new thinking that open up for us when we see how we do this.​

These courses offer a totally new perspective. I’ve conducted post graduate ethnological research into how and why we tell stories and I use folktales in my work to illustrate how we use story to narrativise our lives, creating our personal realities as we go. From this perspective, I’ll be pointing you in a completely new direction, a direction sometimes known as the Inside Out understanding, which takes us right back to the life and spirit at our core.

“Who Do You Think You Are: Overcoming Imposter Syndrome” is for anyone who wants to take their ideas and creativity out into the world but lacks confidence, holding back with thoughts such as,  “Am I good enough?” “What if I fail?” We’ll uncover our natural confidence and creativity by exploring where these fears really come from and who we are beneath the stories. From here, the world shifts and the fun can really begin! For more info click here.

Storywheel Blog (Coming soon – please check back in it won’t be long!)

stars Fotor

These posts complement the Storywheel Courses. They’re a mixture of blog, vlog and audio content, and share my ongoing journey into how our stories and our realities meet.

Note on a Name:

I chose the name “Storywheel” for my business back in 2000. ‘My business’ can be translated into: All of the storytelling / writing / teaching / facilitating  that I’ve brought out of my head and through into the real world, either alone or through artistic collaboration. From the beginning I’ve had this sense that my ‘Storywheel’ was rather like a shamanic medicine wheel, an acknowledgement that we live our lives in and out of story, circling and spiralling, and how the telling of folktales reflects this. 

Note on the big black dog and it’s shadow:

The long -legged dog in the performance photograph is Skriker, from Lancashire folklore. It was created and cast in bronze by Dutch sculptor, Marjan Wouda and made for the exhibition: “The King of the Cats”. It also featured in our show, “In Skriker’s Footsteps”.