Where We Land

Where We Land

Where We Land: A Storied Isle

Written and performed by Jacqueline Harris

Music composed and performed by Lee Affen

Film and live projection by Graham Kay


A storyteller left Lancashire to live on the Isle of Arran off the west coast of Scotland. These are the stories she found there.


I lived on Arran for three and a half years. The show is an intimate and immersive multimedia storytelling experience that uses spoken word, recorded interviews, film, projection and both a live and recorded original musical score/soundscape to create a space of shared storytelling and story making. It weaves real life recorded stories, folktale and autobiography into a single narrative encouraging us to question the relationships between our personal stories, the landscapes we inhabit and the lives we live there.


I took Lee and Graham back to Arran with me. We visited people I knew and listened to their stories together. One day we coerced people at the small yet perfect bakery to record some dialogue from “The Mermaid Wife” for us.  We spent a day with the seals at Kildonan. Together and separately we wandered, watched, listened, wrote, filmed and recorded. It was this journey that created the overlying narrative  of how the show became, and of how it belongs to all of us including the people we met.

This show began as an exploration of what Arran meant to me and the people I know there, and then it also became  an exploration of what happened when Lee, Graham and myself began to make the show, but at its heart is the island itself and the people who live there.

This show has been supported by  Arts Council England, Litfest, Lancaster and The Boo at Waterfoot, Rossendale who kindly gave us rehearsal space and valuable support in the development of this work.


Rehearsal photos: